gengHey Purpose-ites!

This post is primarily not about Soul Purpose products, and is a bit more for those of you who, like me, are fascinated (and alternately FRUSTRATED!) by online marketing. Although I could easily just focus on “sell, sell, sell!”… I just am SO inspired by all there is to learn about marketing one’s product, and in particular, doing so online. I love the blogs, the articles, the creative pages and graphics, the new code, the ability to connect with human beens (LOL) all over our little blue marble.

I love it!

One of my more fav sites for learning about blogging (yeah, it’s waaaaaaaay more than just an online diary), is Copyblogger. It’s insanely good, and I hope it stays around for a long time. I always leave wishing I could just spend the day reading it.

Somehow (read: surfin’) I found this article. I’ve never heard of “GenerationG” — have you? I must have missed the article… and I recommend you read that too. But check out the details in Brian Clark’s article on GenG.

As a member of the “Generation Jones” group I always found myself looking over my shoulder “at those lucky Baby Boomers”. They have all the power and clout of being the largest population segment. But I don’t know if that’s true any longer. And once you read what the Gen-G’ers area all about… now *THAT’S* the spirit of Soul Purpose that I love seeing. There *IS* hope for the kids coming up… as I always suspected.

Click here to read the original article at CopyBlogger:   CLICK HERE

And get yourself ready to GIVE!